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Vertigo Clinic

We run a specialist clinic for patients who suffer from dizziness. Detailed evaluation is do

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Adenoid is a collection of lymphoid tissue in nasopharynx (back end of the nose)

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Tonsils are paired group of lymphoid tissue present on either side of the throat. In some instanc

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Videolaryngoscopic surgery

Lesions of vocal cord and voice problems are tackled with the help of videolaryngoscope.

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Functional Endoscopic sinus Surgery (FESS)

Sinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal masses may require surgical treatment, if not responsive to medica

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Endoscopic DCR

Tears drain from the eyes into the nose. When there is a block this drainage pathways, tears well

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Calicut ENT Centre

Established in 1994 Calicut ENT Centre had evolved through two decades of patient care in to a centre of excellence. It is working in Chest Hospital, Calicut a premier hospital for respiratory care in Kerala. We have always tried to live up to our motto of “cent per cent commitment to patient welfare”. We were able to provide health care at affordable price but with no compromise in quality. We have a team of efficient doctors. Our outpatient department works on all week days. We attend emergencies round the clock. We do carry out routine ENT surgeries, endoscopic and microscopic surgeries and Head and Neck surgical procedures.

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We have always tried to live up to our motto of “cent per cent commitment to patient welfare”

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Our casualty department work round the clock and attend to all ENT emergencies.